Money raising 2018 Montessori College Nijmegen

This year, a collection campaign was started by the pupils of class V3C and V3B at Christmas time. The fundraising campaign was supervised by the Mensa teachers (Human & Society course). Full of enthusiasm, the students in groups of 4 or 5 students, baked cookies, made popcorn, signed Christmas cards, picked up empty bottles, etc.


Then they stood at a Christmas market or went door to door of houses to sell the homemade products. All pupils were motivated, after all with the underlying idea that they worked for a good cause. It became clear to them that every euro counts. The collected money will be spent on tablets and solar panels for Papua children in remote areas. The pupils have worked hard with pleasure and learned a lot. Collaborate, to devise a plan, learn to prepare, make a budget, dare to speak to people, to make a sales product, etc. The total money collestion was € 997,00 !!! What an achievement in such a short time, in only 3 lessons spread over 3 weeks!

We thank all students on behalf of the children of Papua but also on behalf of the board of the Foundation Remote School Papua!