Asmaro project Merauke 2023 (E)

Since 2022, the RSP foundation has supported the Asmaro project in Merauke. The project was set up for the benefit of the Asmat children who live in a suburb of Merauke. In collaboration with the Papua Youth Back to School Foundation (PJNS) and RSP, the project started with PAUD education (preschool education). But also with the first class of SD (primary education). The initiator of the project is project leader Edoardo Mote. RSP and PJNS have jointly agreed to financially support the project. PJNS supports the project by making money available for the transportation of the children by van to and from school every day and the children receive a meal 3 times a week. RSP will provide teaching materials and school furniture. The existing teaching material  Reader “simple learning Indonesian”, the associated PowerPoints and the 3 apps, developed by RSP, have also been given to the school and will be used by the 2 teachers associated with the new school. They will take care of and implement the education of the PAUD and SD students.

At the start of the school, RSP provided the classrooms (2) with furniture and school materials. The parents and teachers are very satisfied that teaching can finally take place. Edoardo indicated in May that he would like to experiment with the use of tablets in class, allowing students to practice with simple apps after class. Books can also be installed on the tablets, so there are no additional book costs or printing costs. RSP delivered 8 tablets in August to carry out this experiment.

If the experiment is successful, several tablets will be purchased in the future.